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Glass Vases

Please Note: All glassware is subject to availability. We have several suppliers for glassware and prices can vary between suppliers. We are adding new items as they become available. Interstate orders welcome.

Martini Vase Purchase Price

26Dx50cmH $60 ea 26x70cmH $80 ea 16x30cmH $25 ea 19x50cmH $61 ea 19x70cmH $77 ea

Glass Spheres Purchase price

6x6cmH $2.20 ea 10x8cmH $7 ea 12x10 $8 ea 15x12cmH $9 ea 18x16cmH $13 ea 20x22cmH $18 ea. 26x28cmH $32 ea 33x32cmH $34 ea

Square Vases Purchase price

8x8x8cm $5 ea 10x10x10cm $7 ea 12x12x12cm $11ea. 15x15x15cm $18 ea 18x18x18cm $27 ea

Cylinder Vases Purchase Price

10x20cmH $12 ea 12x22cmH $15 ea 10x25cmH $13 ea 12x28cmH $16 ea 10x30cmH $14 ea 12x32cmH $27 ea 10x35cmH $15 ea 15x30cmH $22 ea 10x40cmH $20 ea 15x40cmH $32 ea 10x60cmH $32 ea 10x80cmH $56 ea

Crystal Strands

A variety of crystal and pearl garlands available instore.

Tall Stem Cylinder Vase

G5203 12x30cmH $12 each Purchase Price Hire price $6 ea

Tall Stem Cylinder Vase.

G5204 12x40cmH $15 each purchase price Hire price $8 ea

12cm x 50cm Tall Stem Cylinder Vase.

G5205 12x50cmH $18 each purchase price Hire price $10 ea

Tall Cone Vase Purchase Price

12x60cmH $33 ea - Hire Price $15 each 14x80cmH $49 ea

Cube Vase 14cm.

Purchase Price $19.95

Footed Hurricane Vase 20.7 x 35cm H.

Purchase Price $30 ea Hire Price $15 ea

Clear Eiffel Tower Vase 70cm Tall

Black Eiffel Tower Vase 14D x 63cmH.

79cm Silver Crystal Candlestick. Crystal Shere 25cm Diameter.

79cm Tall Candlestick $125 to purchase.

Crystal Beaded Votive 8.5cmD x 6cm H

Hire $3 each. $8.00 purchase price.

Gold Tuft Balloon Centrepiece $40

7 Balloons plus weight $18. Choice of colours available.

Hanging Tealight Holder 10cmx12cmH $6.95 ea. Purchase.

3 Balloon Centrepiece $10 each.

L7021 Acrylic Beaded 5 cup 46 x 89cmh

Purchase price $140 each Hire Price $40 each Add tealights or warm LED lights $45 Each Discounts for bulk orders.

L7004 Acrylic Beaded Tulip Candlestick 14 x 41cmh

Purchase Price $25 each. Special order item.

G4085 Narrow Martini 18 x 50cmh

Purchase Price $26 each. Special Order Item.

G4086 Narrow Martini 18 x 60cmH $31 ea.

Purchase Price $31 each. Special Order Item.

G5089 Giant Brandy Glass 15d x 60cmh

Purchase Price $39 each. Special Order Item.

G5248 23 x 8 x 11cmh $15 ea.

Purchase Price $16 each. Special Order Item.

L7610 Chrome 13 T-Light Tree 41d x 88cmh

Purchase Price $105 each. Special Order Item.

L7620 Chrome 3 Cylinder Stand 34d x 88cmh.

Purchase Price $65 each. Special Order Item.

Brandy 15TD x 21D x 26cm.

Cannon Vase 13D x 50cmH.

Cylinder 12D x 28cm.

Fishbowl 13TD x 22 x 22cm