Products: Table Centrepiece Hire

Crystal Sphere

$25 each to hire, includes wax candle LED light or string led lights. Sphere is 23cm tall with a 25cm diameter and made of acrylic crystals. Mirror hire $5 extra.

Fuschia Lily Brandy Glass

$25 hire includes vase, LED candle, stones and lilies. Lilies available in white, pink, purple, multi colours and ivory. Other flowers available.

Pink Rose Candle Centerpiece.

Bridal Table Centrepieces can be made to order. Priced from $45 hire. Pictured centrepiece is $65 to hire.

White Lantern.

Hire $10 each. Lantern with LED Wax Candle and Bling $15 hire.

Ostrich Feather Tower Vase.

$45 hire includes 63cm tall tower Vase, feathers and crystals. $50 hire for 73cm Tall vase, feathers and crystals.

Submerged Orchids $30 complete

Hire price Includes Vase, orchid, crystals, floating candle and mirror. Vase is 40cm tall. Orchids available in other colours.

Footed Hurricane Vase

35 cm Tall Vase is $15 to hire. ( vase only) Decorations and mirror are extra. Pictured design is $35 per table.

Crystal Sphere

25 cm Crystal Sphere is $25 hire. Includes wired LED Lights inside. Matching Votive with LED Light $4 each to hire. Mirror hire is $5 each.

Trio Stem Cylinder Vases with Rose Ball and Pearls $40

Hire includes Vases, Pearls, Rose Balls. Mirror Hire extra. Vases are available as singles.

Footed Hurricane with Lilies $25 hire.

Includes acrylic Ice, LED light and flowers. Flower choice of Pink, Hot Pink, White/Cream Lilies. Mirror hire $5 ea. Vase 35cm Tall.

Trio Cylinder Vases $35 hire.

Set of 3 hire vases with crystals, submerged rose and floating candle. Roses or other flowers are available to hire.

Crystal Candlestick with hanging crystals $35 hire

Includes Led Light. Candlestick is 95 cm tall. Mirror Hire is $5.

Crystal Waterfall Chandelier with Pink LED Lights

Hire Chandelier is 90 cm Tall. Hire price is $45 per table. The LED lights are available in white and colours. Mirror hire $5 ea.

Trio Cylinder Vases $35 each to hire.

Includes acrylic crystals, roses, mirror and floating candles. Roses in hot pink, purple, white, lavender, pale pink and red. Mirror hire $5.

Martini Vase with flower $20 each to hire.

30 cm Martini vase, crystal jelly balls with floating flower or candle. Crystal jelly balls available in clear or colours.

90 cm Crystal Candelabra $45 each to hire

Includes Candelabra, led lights and Dangling Crystals. Mirror hire $5. Candelabra hire without dangling crystals and lights $35. Please note, no candle wax allowed.

Feather Tower Vase $45 each to hire

Includes 63cm Tower vase with iridescent filler, feathers and dangling crystals. 73cm Tall Tower Vase $10 extra. Overall height with feathers is approximately 1 metre tall. Mirror Hire $5

Cylinder Trio with White Lily $35 per set to hire

Includes set of 3 vases, Lily, Floating candles and crystals in the vases. Mirror Hire $5. Vases are 20/25/30 tall and 8cm wide.

Set of Stem Cylinder Vase $35 to Hire

Includes Vases, Wax Led lights, Ribbons with diamante hearts and Crystals in the bases of the vases. Crystals available in other colours. Mirror hire $5. Single vases also available.

Footed Hurricane Vase $25 each to Hire

Includes Vase, Pearls and White Rose Ball. Mirror Hire $5

Tulip Candelabra

90 cm Tall Tulip Candelabra $40 each to hire, includes white or coloured led lights.

Cone Vase with Rose Ball $25 hire

Hire includes vase with filler, rose ball and Led light in base. Mirror hire $5

Crystal Sphere with wire Led $25 hire

Sphere lit with wired led lights in bright white or warm white.

Bridal Table Centrepiece $35 to hire

Crystal Candle-holder with Crystal Votives and LED Lights.

Feather Tower Centrepieces

$45 hire includes a 63cm tall tower vase, feathers and crystals. The overall height is about a metre tall. $55 hire for the 73 cm Tall vase, feathers and crystals.

Crystal Candelabra with hanging crystals and Lights.

$45 per table to hire. $35 per table without hanging crystals. (Floral wreath not included, Fresh flowers supplied by florist)

Manzanita Tree with Crystals and lights

Prices range from $20 to hire (no decoration) to $45 hire depending on choice of decorations. Pictured $45 with bling base, wired lights, hanging crystals and hanging light globes with led lights. Mirror hire $5

Crystal Candlestick with hanging crystals

Hire $35 per table. Candlestick stands 90cm high and includes LED candle or LED light.


Birdcages come in 2 sizes. Decoration are made to order.

White Feather Tower

$45 hire includes a 63cm tall tower vase, feathers and crystals. $55 hire for a 73cm Tall vase, feathers and crystals. Overall height approximately 1 metre.

Bright Floral Manzanita Tree

Manzanita Tree in white, tree stands 75 cm high. Hire $30 as pictured.

Red Roseball Cylinder Vase

Cylinder Vase is 40cm x 12cm diameter. Hire $25 Includes Vase, Roseball and crystals.

Red Roseball Trio Stem Cylinder Vase

Trio Vases are 30cm, 40cm and 50cm tall, 10cm in diameter. Hire $40 per set. Includes roseball in red or ivory, dangling pearls, Led light and pearls inside. Mirror hire $5 Vases are available as singles.

Birdcage with flowers

Silk flowers are priced and made to order.

Manzanita tree with lights

Prices range from $20 hire to $45 hire depending on choice of decorations. Pictured $45 with bling base, lights, crystals and hanging light globes.

Trio Cylinder Vases

Vases are 8 cm diameter,tallest is 30 cm high. Hire price is $35 per set of 3. Includes vase with diamond bling at base, flowers, crystals and LED light in each vase. Hire $40 per set with mirror included.

Waterfall Chandelier

Acrylic Crystal Waterfall Chandelier Centrepiece. Hire $45 per table. Includes LED Lights inside the Chandelier. Flowers not included. Chandelier is 90cm Tall.

Manzanita Light Tree

Hire $45 per Table. Includes decorated box base, tree, wire led lights, hanging crystals, hanging glass globes with led lights. Table mirror Hire $5 extra.

Manzanita Tree with White Box Base

Hire $45 per table. Includes Tree, dangling crystals, hanging globes and led lights.

Cube Vase with Ivory Silk Roses

Cube or Round vase available with crystals and submersible LED light inside the vase. Each Vase is $15 each to hire.

Brandy Vase with Ivory Hydrangea and wax led light.

Hire price $25 per table. 90 cm long Rectangle mirror hire $9 each.

Ivory Rose Cube Vases

Hire cost $15 each. Mirror extra.

Red or Black Tower Vases with red roseballs

Hire price $30 each.

Tall Stemmed Cylinder Vase

Hire cost $25 per table. Includes vase, rose ball in red or ivory, crystals or pearls to match rose ball plus a led light.

Red Submerged Roses

Hire cost $25 per vase, includes silk flowers, rocks or crystals. Fresh roses available, price to be confirmed.

Frangipani and Lily Brandy Vase

Hire cost $25 per vase. Includes vase, flowers, wax led candle and crystals in the base. Mirror and bling runner are an added hire cost.

Martini Vase with Black and Silver Accents

Hire cost for the 30 cm Tall Martini Vase with Jelly Crystals and Floating Candles is $20. Mirror Hire $5 each. Jelly Crystals available in other colours.

Footed Hurricane with Bling Balls

Hire price $30 with mirror and decorations.

Gold Float Bowl

Hire price $20 with round white floating candles.

Submerged Flowers

Vases with flowers are made to order. Price to be confirmed.

Gold Scroll Candelabra

Hire Price $20 per table.

Martini and Rose ball.

Trio Vases in Red or Ivory

Trio Vases are 30 cm, 40 cm and 50 cm tall, 10 cm in diameter. Hire $40 per set. Includes rose ball in red or ivory, dangling pearls, Led light and pearls inside. Mirror hire $5 Vases are available as singles.

Cone Vase

Hire price $15 with coloured jelly balls available in most colours. Hire price $20 to include mirror and led light inside vase.

Tulip Vase Sea Design

$30 hire includes 30 cm lotus vase, sand, shells, LED candle and blue gems.

Bridal Table Candleholder

Hire price $35.