Products: LED Lights and Lighting

Marquee Fairylights.

Fairylights are Hire only, no DIY. White Icicle Fairylights installed $70 per set. ( plus travel costs)

Luminaires at night.

Pack 12 $19.95

Submersible LED Lights

Waterproof $2.95 each replaceable batteries. LED Lights for jelly crystals $3.95. replaceable batteries.

Submersible lights $2.95 ea

Available in White or 7 changing colours, Warm white, Purple, Blue, Pink, Red, Green, Yellow, Orange, RGB.

Glass Hanging Tealight Holders.

5 x 5 strand LED Lights $7.95ea.

Theme Lighting

Price depends on the size of the area to be covered. We will need measurements of the area and the height of ceiling. Take a photo of the ceiling and send it to us. We should be able to see if lights can be rigged.

145mmD LED LIght Source.

Replacement Batteries Submersible LED.

L8655 White Submersible LED $2.95 ea.

Warm White and Purple also in stock.

L8657 Pink Sumersible LED $2.95 ea.

L8658 Yellow Submersible LED $2.95 ea.

L8660 Red Submersible LED $2.95 ea.

L8661 Colour Changing LED Submersible $2.95 ea.

Slowly changes through all 7 of the colours.

L8662 Green Submersible LED $2.95 ea.

L8663 Blue Submersible LED $2.95 ea.

L8682 LED String pur white 100cm L 15 lights $3.95

L8720 Seed LED 1m 10 Lights $3.95 ea.

White. Can be used to light the inside of tall vases. Batteries not included.

L8721 Yellow 1m $3.95 ea

L8725 Pink 1m $3.95 ea

L8727 Green 1m $3.95 ea.

L8729 Blue 1m $3.95 ea.

L8730 Seed LED 2m 20 Lights $4.95 ea.

L8731 Yellow $4.95 ea.

L8735 Pink $4.95 ea.

L8737 Green $4.95 ea.

L8739 Blue $4.95 ea.

L7820 Wax Candle with LED Light 50cmD x 6.5cm H $2.95 ea.

L7821 Wax Candle with LED Light 5cm x 9.5cmH $2.95 ea.

L7822 Wax Candle with LED LIght 5cmx12.5cmH $3.50 ea.

L7823 Wax Candle with Led Light 5cm x 15.5cmH $3.95 ea.

L7840 Wax Candle with LED Light 7.5cm x 7.5cm H $4.50 ea.

L7841 Wax Candle with LED Light 7.5cm x 15cm H $5.50 ea.

6cm Floating Candle $2 ea.

40mm Floating Candles 5hr $1.20 ea.

Assorted Candles

Floating Candle 4cmD 4.5hrs burn.

Floating Candle 7cmD 9hr $3.50 ea.

Clear Acrylic Cup Tealight 9 hour 70c ea.

Ceiling Draping and Lighting


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