Products: Flowers

Ivy Garland $6

180cm long

Frangipani $2.30

Floating Frangipani $1.50ea

6x38mm Diamond Head Pins for Bouquets and cake decorating.

5c each

Black Rose Bouquet 26 Heads $24.95 ea

White Rose Bouquet 26 Heads $24.95 ea

Rose Garland 160cm $12.95 each

F2215. Rose Bunch $19.95

24 different shades available.

Ivy Garland 180cm $7.95.

Floral Tape 12mm $2.95 ea.

Rose Ball 15cm $12.50 purchase.

F0010 Rose Kissing Ball 15cmd $20 ea.

In stock.

F0011 Rose Kissing Ball 20cmd $25 ea.

Special order item

F0012 Rose Kissing Ball 25cmd $37 ea.

Special order item.

M5910 Corsage Magnets 12.7 x 6 x 3mm 75c pair.

M5915 Pearhead Pins 40mm $9.50 box.

Bridal Table Flowers

Bridal Table Flowers

Dendrobium Spray Blue Purple $9.95.

Available in white and cream.





Rosalie 28cm stem.

Rosalie Rose Bud Bouquet 15 Cream Flowers $28.

Rosita Rose 6 Flowers $20.

Rosita Rose Bouquet 6 flowers $20 Cream.

Rose Ball Cream 20cmD $18.80.jpg

Ranunculus Peony Helen 6 fl 30cm St Champ $15

Peony Bouquet 7 Flowers 31cm stem Cream $15