Products: Decorating Extras

Acrylic Ice.

100 pieces. 9 Colours available. Each Cube is approx 20mm wide x 20mm long x 20mm depth. Clear, Black, Chocolate, Royal Blue, Hot Pink, Lavender, Lt Blue, Lt Pink, Red.

Silk Rose Petals $18.95

Packs 500 $18.95 Smaller Packs $5.95 & $8 ea. Black, Lt Blue, Burgandy, Gold, Ivory, Lavender, Mauve, Mint, Navy, Peach, Pink, Purple, Red, Royal Blue, Silver, White, Orange, Yellow, Turquoise.

Crystal Diamond Sprinkles.

Clear crystal Diamonds. 6mm size $17 per 500 gram pack. approximately 5000 pcs 8mm size $17 per 500 gram pack. 4100 pcs 10mm size $17 per 500 gram pack. 2080 pcs. Smaller 100 gram packs in 3 sizes for $6.95 per box.

Placecards Pearlised White.

Pack 50 10cm $12.50

Sheer Organza Ribbon $8.95 per Roll

120mm x 25 yards 31 Colours.

Placecards Pearlised Ivory.

10cm Pack 50 $12.50

Placecards Pearlised White.

10cm Pack 50 $12.50

Lavender Crystal Diamond Sprinkles.

10mm Crystals. $6.95 per 100grams. 300 per 100gram pack. Purple, Red, Willow, Yellow, Royal, Peach, Ivory, Baby Blue, Black, Blue, Burgandy, Clear, Fuschia, Lavender, navy, teal, aqua and Pink.

Pink Crystal Diamonds Sprinkles.

10mm $16 4 Carat: (10mm) Weight: 500gm No. of pieces: Approx 1500 Material: acrylic HIgh quality acrylic diamonds. Great to scatter on the table and around centerpices etc

Crystal Accents $12.95 per pack

Water Crystals for vases. 1 pack makes up 3.8 litres of crystals. Aqua, Turquoise, Saphire, Clear, Red, Fuschia, Black, Green, Purple, Yellow. $12.95

145mm Tulle $8.95

25 yard rolls White or Ivory

80mm Cardboard Hearts

Pack 12 $4 Silver, Purple, Fuschia, Red, Gold, blue, green. Larger size hearts available. Stars also available.

Water Pearls or Jelly Balls.

14 gram packs make up 1 to 1.5 litres.$2.95 ea Tired of the same old types of decorations? Then our colored jelly balls may be what you are looking for. Multiple uses, can be used as filler for clear/empty vases, bowls or pots. Can also be used for decoration to complement flower and/or candle arrangements. The decoration possibilities are endless. With 11 different bright eye-catching colors to choose from, we're sure you'll find the one that will meet your needs. Each ball is approx. smaller than 1/8" (original size), 3/8" (after absorbing water) - Approx 400-500 jelly balls in each pack/order. - Jelly balls are water absorbents made of non-toxic and biodegradable polymer. Apple, black, clear, fuschia, purple, royal blue, aqua, turquiose, white, yellow, orange.

Water Pearls Small.

57gram Pack. $15.95 Crystal Clear, Pink, Saphire Blue, Purple, Black,White.

Submersible Lights

$2.50 ea Purchase. Underwater lights for vases and centrepieces. Available in white, warm white, Blue, Red, Purple, Pink, Green, Yellow, Orange.

Bride and Groom Coolers $6.50 ea

Great groomsman and bridesmaid gifts.


Bell Placecards Pack 10 $1.65


Beach and coloured sands

Crystal Sprays $2.95 ea

30cm long

Diamante Buckles

Acrylic Diamond Table Sprinkles

Pale Blue and also Turquoise. 4 Carat: (10mm) Weight: 500gm No. of pieces: Approx 1500 Material: acrylic HIgh quality acrylic diamonds. Great to scatter on the table and around centerpices etc

Acrylic Diamond Table Sprinkles

Royal Blue

Acrylic Diamond Table Sprinkles


Acrylic Diamond Table Sprinkles

Sage Green and also Lime.

Acrylic Diamond Table Sprinkles


Acrylic Diamond Table Sprinkles


Acrylic Diamond Table Sprinkles


Acrylic Diamond Table Sprinkles


Acrylic Diamond Table Sprinkles


Acrylic Diamond Table Sprinkles

Gold, also Ivory and apricot.

Fibreglass Urns.

$25 hire each Squat design. $35 hire each Tall Urn. Purchase from $65 each.

Assorted Buckles.

Candle Bling

Candle Bling Bracelets

15mm Square Diamante Buckle $1.30 ea

16mm Diamante Buckle $1.30 ea

16mm Diamante Buckle $1.30 ea

17x27mm Oval Diamante Buckle $1.50

20mm Diamante Buckle $1.50 ea

20mm Square Diamante Buckle $1.50 ea

20x21mm Heart Diamante Buckle $1.50 ea

22mm Diamante Buckle $1.50 ea

22x24mm Heart Diamante Buckle $1.50 ea

50mm Diamante Buckle $2.50 ea

52x57mm Heart Diamante Buckle $2.50 ea

63mm Diamante Buckle $3.50 ea

3x10mm Crystal on 100mm Mirror Base $9.95

Acrylic Diamonds 30mm 500gram pack 65pcs $15

Acrylic Drops 20.3cm 75c ea.

Acrylic Heart Drops 18.5cm 75c ea.

Bling Wraps /Table Runners

Can be cut to size. Available in Silver, Gold and Black. Sold by the metre. $8.95 per metre. Comes on a 9 metre roll. Also available, acrylic diamond sticky back sheets. Cut them to size, add them to decorate invites, placecards, vases etc.

Clear Acrylic Chain with drop 90cm $3.95 ea

Diamante Bracelet 4x40 $4.50 ea

Decorate candles and vases.

Diamante Bracelet 7x40 $8.50 ea

Silver Ball String 7.5mm 23m long $9.95 ea

Acrylic Heart Beaded Garland 2.1m.

Twin Diamante Chain $15 per metre.

8mm Clear Diamond Scatter 500gr 4100pc $16.95.

10mm Clear Diamond Scatter 500gr 2080pcs $16.95

19mm Clear Diamond Scatter 500gr 295pcs $16.95.

23mmw Scatter Hearts 500gr 156pcs $17

30mm Clear Diamond Scatters 500gr 65pcs $17

30mm Clear Diamond Scatters 500gr 65pcs $17

34mm Scatter Hearts 500gr 75pcs $17

Acrylic Bead String 6mm Clear.

$1 per metre.

Acrylic Pearl String 6mm.

$1 per metre.

Crystal Drop Garland

120cm Long $9.95

Diamante Chain Roll 9.5mt.

L4934 Diamante Mesh 11.5cm x 9.14m roll $5 per metre

$35 per 9m Roll

L4936. Diamante Mesh

L7934 6mm Clear Diamond Scatter 5000pc $16.95

6mm Pearl String $1 per metre

Crystal Garland $9.95

Mirror Flower Garland Charcoal $9.95

Mirror Flower Garland Silver $9.95

Crystal Drop Garland $9.95


L7951 14mm Pearl Scatters 330pcs $19.50 bag.

Diamante Chain $9.95 per metre

40cm Ostrich Feather Black or White.

45cm Ostrich Feathers Black or White.

60cm Ostrich Feathers Black or White.

G8050 Crystal Name Card Holder 4cm Diamond $2.20 each

G8052 Crystal Name Card Holder 5cm $2.75 each.

L7140 Acrylic Beads 30cm long 95 c ea.

L7138 Acrylic Beads 25cm long 85c ea.

L7136 Acrylic Beads 21.5cm long 75c ea.

L7136 Acrylic Beads 21.5cm long 75c ea

L7138 Acrylic Beads 25cm long 85c ea

L7140 Acrylic Beads 30cm long 95 c ea

G8021 40mm Crystal Diamond $2.50 ea.

G8022 K9 80mm Crystal Diamond $6 ea

M9107 Mirror Crystal Flower Ring 12cmd Silver or Black $9.50 ea

G8050 K5 Crystal Name Card Holder 40mmd $2.20 ea.

G8052 K5 Crystal Card Holder 50mmd $2.75 ea.

M6484 Diamante Ring $2 ea.